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Collaborate remotely while creating social link

Collaboration amongst remote and hybrid teams has never been that easy! Enjoy the spontaneity of social interactions in your virtual office.

Join the Future of Work by creating dynamic workplaces!


WorkAdventure asset, it's blue cloud on the partner integration.
WorkAdventure asset, it's blue cloud on the partner integration.

Integrate your favorite work tools to collaborate online.

Make your virtual working space more human

Take full advantages of a virtual office: stay connected and collaborate, no matter where you’re working from!

Icon to hang out with your colleagues in the same workplace.

Walk up to your teammate for a quick question and save time!

Icon of the hearth for your virtual office will bring employees of multi-site companies together.

Distance is not even a thing for your remote and hybrid teams!

Icon improve productivity with your WorkAdventure virtual office.

Increase your productivity by creating your all-in-one work tool!

Empower remote teams to feel connected

Your virtual working space will offer more flexibility, more autonomy and a better work-life balance to remote and hybrid teams.

Pick up one ready-to-use template

Create your own virtual working space from scratch

Plan your project with one of our map designers

One platform to communicate, collaborate and manage work

Spontaneous interactions

Interact spontaneously with all your teammates online by getting closer to them.

Calendar Integrations

Easily add WorkAdventure to your video conferencing options in your Google Calendar and start creating your online events!

All-in-one collaboration platform

Integrate all your favorite work tools and open whiteboards, business apps, YouTube videos right where your meeting is happening.

Manage your privacy in your virtual working space

Security and Data protection is key for you and for us! We are GDPR compliant. Each individual has a hand on their own setup (microphone and camera).

Picture of silent zone in your WorkAdventure virtual office.

Managing hybrid teams has never been that easy!

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