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Last updated: Mars 07, 2022

Data centers

Name Purpose Addition information
OVH-Cloud (Gravelines, France) The OVH data center hosts the WorkAdventure website (this website), the meeting rooms (in Jitsi) and all the data we gather for regular business operation (user accounts, list of members, analytics, etc...) ISO 27001 / 27017 SOC 1 CSA More details
AWS (Dublin, Ireland) The Amazon Web Services data center hosts the WorkAdventure application and the TURN servers. It is used to share position between users. No data is stored in the AWS data center. Data is only processed "in-transit" ISO 27001 More details

WorkAdventure Website

Name Purpose Addition information
Pipedrive We use Pipedrive as our Customer Relationship Management. Pipedrive is GDPR compliant. More details
Mailjet We use MaiJet as our Email processing. MailJet is GDPR compliant. More details
Google Tag Manager We use Google Tag Manager in our website. This service allows website tags to be managed via an interface. The Google Tag Manager only implements tags. No cookies are installed and no personal information is collected. The Google Tag Manager triggers other tags that may collect data. The Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If a desactivation has been made at the domain or cookie level, it remains valid for all tracking tags if they are implemented with Google Tag Manager. More details
CMP Sirdata We use Sirdata as our Content Management Platform. Sirdata is GDPR compliant. It allows users to opt-in or out of data collection via cookie consentment. More details
Google Advertising Products We use Google Ads as a marketing tool to promote our products and services. More details
Facebook We use Facebook Ads as a marketing tool to promote our products and services. More details
LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company We use LinkedIn Ads as a marketing tool to promote our products and services. More details
Youtube We redirect users to our Youtube channel for tutorials and product promotions’ purposes. More details

WorkAdventure Administration dashboard

Name Purpose Certifications
Mailjet We use Mailjet to send e-mails. E-mails are mostly sent to administrators and organizations, with the notable exception of the “forgot your password” emails that can be sent to any user. The primary information Mailjet has access to is the email addresses of recipients of the emails and the content of the emails themselves. More details
Stripe We use Stripe to process one-time and recurring payments. PCI Service Provider Level 1

WorkAdventure Platform

Name Purpose Certifications