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Human being has always been what our team values the most. Team work and social activities are at the core of our daily routines. Our mission every single day? To bring happiness to our community of Adventurers and this little French joie de vivre ­čśë

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WorkAdventure is a human story, a French-made challenge started up in 2020.

David, Gregoire and Arthma├źl started to imagine a virtual space where social spontaneity would be regained while being behind their screens: WorkAdventure was born.

DAN Woka's developer of WorkAdventure.


GRP Woka's developer of WorkAdventure.


ARP Woka's developer of WorkAdventure.


Being an open-source platform, the number of users has exploded, and Gregory has jumped to add this quite important input, called the business vision. WorkAdventure became the platform used for creating virtual offices and organizing digital events (and way more!).

GRR Woka's CEO of WorkAdventure


We are aiming to

Create new places to collaborate while allowing informal interactions

Improve work productivity with a unique platform for chats, documents share, visio conferences and of course coffee breaks

Bringing employees of multi-site companies closer together

Putting an end to the work-eat-sleep routine and to the non-productive face-to-face meetings

Our core values are

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At WorkAdventure, our creativity is expressed through the perfect blend of our experiences, our expertise, our clients, and our talents. We always make it a point of honor that all ideas are shared and studied to find the perfect solution that meets the desires and needs of the greatest number.

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The birth of WorkAdventure is linked to our passion for web development and new technologies. A bug ? A feature a little more complicated to develop? A crazy project to set up? Nothing stops our teams, as long as it's done with love!

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This adventure is the result of a great collaboration that brought together members of different teams and different backgrounds in a single mission: supporting companies in the acceleration of hybrid work.

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We are committed to work with the best web technologies. Our goal is to constantly reinvent and innovate so we can offer an optimal solution that meets the needs of our customers!

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Our strength is our daily sharing moments: while playing a board game, sharing lunch or having break-times all together. It is through our skills, good vibes and commitment exchanges that we build our project.

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In a constantly ever-changing world, we support structures to build the #futureofwork! At WorkAdventure, we make sure that everyone feels fully integrated and recognized in its position. We make exchanges easier we bring people together!

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David N├ęgrier Woka's, chief technical office at WorkAdventure.


Chief Technical Officer

Gr├ęgoire Parant Woka's, cief product officer at WorkAdventure.


Chief Product Officer

Gregory Rochet Woka's, chief executive officer at WorkAdventure.


Chief Executive Officer

Arthma├źl Poly, lead developer at WorkAdventure.


Lead Developer

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