Frequently Asked Questions

Increased Speed & Efficiency

WorkAdventure can help you and your employess to increas their project. Employees can discuss sipontaneously to move arround peaople and create circle discussion.

Speed Up Activities

With WorkAdventure, you can create an event in your Google calendar and go directly into your world and room to talk about it with your colleague.

Improved Client Relationship

With an interactive meeting online, you can establish deep and profitable relationships with your customers. Project management can easily access the current report with embed application in WorkAdventure.

Work together

Create a virtual office and space for your colleagues, bring others to the site and find out where they are to create spontaneous conversations.

Flex your space

Build your own virtual workspace, meeting room and child zone. Embed your tools in your space and increase your productivity with your team.

Anticipate and adapt

Engage your customers and create a more effective connection between you and the world around you. WorkAdventure is a first workplace metaverse, everything is possible!

The WorkAdventure team is working on building an open and decentralized metaverse by proposing a "metaverse builder".

This metaverse builder will be released under a new name: Metadventure. The WorkAdventure engine will power this builder, which will be tightly connected with the Web3 ecosystem.

The business model will be drastically different from what we have now. If you are a WorkAdventure user, WorkAdventure will not be impacted by those changes. The WorkAdventure engine (that you install in the "self-hosted version") will remain "Web3 agnostic" and the SaaS version at will keep living as it is. If you want to understand the rationale behind this move, read this.

With WorkAdventure is easier, simply have a web browser (on mobile or desktop) and go to our virtual desktop to meet us.

Invite guests and coworkers to join you in your room with the invite button.


No shyness and meet us!

The last step of customization for your virtual worlds is coming... White Label 🏳️

What does this mean? 🧐

  • You will boost the visibility of your company
  • You will demonstrate your capacity for innovation
  • You will maintain stakeholders engagement
  • You will engage in the Web3
  • And way more 🚀

Very soon, your virtual world will be accessible using YOUR custom URL and showcasing YOUR logos!

Keep updated, don't miss it out 🙌

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